Black Label Society - Devil You Know - Butcher Babies

Finally I was able to finish the photos of Black Label Society, Devil You Know and Butcher Babies. So rush on over to the galleries for a look.  I've had the pleasure of shooting several times at this venue so it's becoming more like home. Although for some odd reason they weren't allowing us to shoot from the balcony, which was unusual. Nonetheless the show kicked some ass! Black Label Society put on a gnarly show and had wonderful stage lighting! I'll admit I hadn't seen them live before and had no clue Zakk Wylde could shred like that! Even though it was the end of the tour (2nd to last show) all three bands were still rocking it out. I always find that amazing because I assume like most "jobs" the people behind their instruments miss their families and probably can't wait to get home. The show and shooting were a blast! Have no fear if for some reason you missed this show BLS are coming back to play at this year's Aftershock Festival on September 13th in Sacramento, CA!